Extraordinary Dental Care

In it you'll discover tons MORE of useful information, as well as practical tips and tricks, perfected from over 26 years in this thriving industry. well as how to handle any patient, in any situation, and give them the platinum care you're capable of.

The Platinum Patient Question Checklist

An invaluable checklist of the 7 questions, or openers, to ask each and every patient.


Heavenly Tooth Shirts

When you wear a shirt by Dental Motivating Solutions, it not only let's your patients know that you're an experienced professional, but also that "Your main goal is to make sure their teeth outlast them."

...and being know as the one with the cute shirt, doesn't hurt either.

So get your Heavenly Tooth shirt today and be the talk of your office.

*Available in Black, White, or Ocean Blue (S, M, L, XL).